How to get to Thassos – A Definitive Guide

If you are enjoying the atmosphere in this virtual lounge, imagine what it would feel like to actually spend time in Sentimento Thassos. Our goal today is to help you with that. 

There are a few ways to reach this beautiful island and we will make sure to go through them step by step, to make sure you don’t get lost on this digital trip. Just follow us! 

Via plane

The nearest and most convenient option is to fly to the airport in Kavala (Kavala International Airport “Alexander the Great”). The distance from the airport to the nearest ferry in Keramoti is about 12km. Another possibility for a ferry port is in Kavala, which is a bit further from the airport – 34km. In order to get to the ferry, which will take you to Thassos, you could either rent a car, or take a taxi. The prices vary, according to the distance, the type of service and the company you choose to use. There also are local buses, which can take you to the city of Kavala. 

How to get to Thassos


If you are travelling to Thassos in the peak-season – July/August, and want to avoid the stress of last minute stress, you may need to think about ways to get from the airport to the island one or two weeks in advance. Depending on the number of passengers in the car, there are different options. The prices start at 60 Euros per week and change according to the season. In order to avoid extra fees, our advice is to book through the company’s website. There might be extra fees if you pick up the vehicle before or after the working hours – most of the companies are open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

You also need to keep in mind that some rent-a-car companies do not allow their customers to take the vehicles on the ferry. Therefore, make sure you discuss this with the company representatives before you book the car. If you cannot find a car to take to Thassos with you, you might as well rent one from the port in Limenas or in Skala Prinos, and take a taxi from the airport to the port where the ferry leaves.


Most taxi companies allow you to book in advance a service including a meet-and-greet at the arrivals gate and a ride with a set price. You can also take a taxi upon arriving. As the airport is not as big as other airports in Greece, it would not be difficult to find the taxi stand or the taxi companies representatives. The fares start at 30 Euros for a ride to Keramoti Ferry Dock and 55 Euros to the Kavala Ferry Dock. Just like the rent-a-car service, the costs for taking a taxi depends on the season. 

Thassos, here I come! 

How to reach Thassos

Keramoti-Limenas Ferry

The next part of your trip would be to leave the land and embark on an adventure: the ferry ride. The fastest and simplest way is to take a ferry from Keramoti, like already mentioned above, 12 kilometers from the airport. There are about 12 ferry rides in each direction every day, where the first one is at 5:00 a.m. and the last one at 8 p.m. from Keramoti. The prices start from 3.50 Euros per person and the ride is about 35-40 minutes. The price per car depends on its size but it is in the range of 18-22 Euros. After you arrive at the ferry port in Limenas on Thassos, you have 16 more kilometers until Skala Prinos and Sentimento Thassos. 

Kavala-Skala Prinos Ferry

If you would like to spend more time in the town of Kavala and to have the opportunity to explore the local sights, there is another way to get to Sentimento Thassos. You could go to the town of Kavala by a public bus. You can find more information about it on the website of the airport.

At the port in Kavala you can catch a ferry to Skala Prinos, another part of the Thassos island. The ride takes about 75 minutes. The ferries are less frequent than those from Keramoti. There are 6 ferries per day, but this only gives you more time to enjoy Kavala! A good way to spend quality time while waiting for the next ferry, would be to have a cup of coffee or tea near the port.

To go back to Kavala, you can choose between the same two routes. The exact timetable of the ferries to and from Thassos could be found online. Make sure to get well informed before your trip, as the times and the frequency of the boats varies in the different times of the year. 

How to get to Thassos

Although we know that the Sentimento-experience is the best part of this trip, we created this guide hoping that you, our guests, would see the beauty in travelling. We would like you to love the journey as much as you the final destination. Kavala, the ports, the ferry and of course the North Aegean sea are all important marks in every trip to Thassos. All that is left for you is to enjoy it!