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Come to Azzurro Beach! Make a memory to savor for a lifetime!

There are places that take your breath away, and it feels like time has stopped.

And Azzurro Beach is such a place where you can enjoy the stillness,

the stunning sunsets, and worry about nothing.

The Beach

Suited near Skala Prinos on the western shore of the picturesque and tranquil Thasos, the long stretches of the golden sand of Azzuro invite you to come to the beach and disconnect to reconnect.

Azzurro sets the stage for long days under the sun, chilling under the pine trees, making lifetime memories, and reconnecting with those who mean the most. From building sandcastles and kayaking by the day to watching the incredible sunsets at night, the sand and your favorite people are all you need for a perfect and memorable vacation. A memory to savor for a lifetime…

Beach Amenities

At Azzurro Beach, we understand the art of providing exceptional amenities and services, striking the perfect balance between relaxation and excitement.

As your host, we have created intuitive amenities and services so that your vacation is unforgettable…a perfect vacation as we envision it. No matter whether the day takes you, from chilling under the pine trees to the beach to enjoying a book at the beach library, thoughtful details are always within reach.

Some of the Beach Amenities We Offer:

  • Refreshing drinks, beverages, and cocktails
  • Delectable beach snacks and food
  • Cozy sunbeds, umbrellas, beach puffs, shady coffee space
  • Dedicated beach library
  • Kayaks - an exhilarating way to enjoy the beautiful sea.

The Best Sunset Location...

If you love watching stunning sunsets, you have come to the right place!.

As the sun gracefully descends beneath the Aegean Sea, the sky along Thasos' western shore transforms from the day's vibrant blue to a mesmerizing array of sunset hues.

With each passing moment, the colors grow more vibrant, creating a surreal and awe-inspiring spectacle. It’s a truly unique experience that will create a long-lasting memory.