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Welcome to Sentimento - a haven of elegance, where the allure of natural Thasos marble intertwines with sea-inspired elements and breathtaking landscapes drenched in captivating shades of sea blue. Indulge in a world where the beauty of nature and coastal aesthetics seamlessly blend, crafting a tranquil and enchanting atmosphere that beckons you to unwind and revitalize your spirit.

Deluxe Double Room

Ideal for couples or two adults

Escape to Sentimento's exclusive rooms for two, where the island's charm and invigorating freshness seamlessly blend, enveloping you in a haven that echoes the soothing rhythm of the sea and offers a true sanctuary of happiness for couples or two adults.


The Perfect Choice For A Relaxing Vacation With Loved Ones

Our maisonette offers a spacious and serene holiday retreat, where the sea is just steps away, making it an ideal haven for families, friends, and cherished moments.

Studio Apartment with Sea View

A Great Choice For A Relaxing Vacation For Families With Children Or Couples

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