What beaches to visit on Thassos?

Sunshine, warm breeze, the sound of the waves, the feel of sand on your skin… Were you also dreaming about your next visit to the seaside? We can’t wait either! So until the summer comes, we at Sentimento Thassos are preparing to welcome you at the hotel! And if you already know how to find us, we would now like to show you three of our favourite beaches on Thassos. They are all located along the way to Skala Prinos and Sentimento if you are coming from the Limenas ferry port. This means that you can explore them all while you are on your next holiday on Thassos island! 

‘’La Skala’’ Beach

After you get off the ferry in Limenas, you can explore the town, commonly called “Thassos town”. The first beach we would like to take you to, is known as “La Skala beach”, because on the beach there is a famous beach bar with the same name. The official name of the beach is “Kohiliya”, but very few people use it. 

The beach is located just 3.5 km from the ferry port in Limenas. Because of its popularity, it can become very crowded in July and August, when the season is in its peak. The beach bar offers chaise-lounges for free if you buy food or drinks. There is music which creates a fun atmosphere for the whole area.

The beach is covered in sand, which makes it comfortable to walk on. Nevertheless, on the seabed there are predominantly pebbles. The waters are shoal in the first few meters, which makes the beach a great place for families with children. 

In the area there are many pine trees, which provide a nice natural fence from the sunrays. There also are a few parking spaces nearby.  

”Glikadi” Beach

The next beach on our list is not very far from La Skala. It is located just 2.3 km from La Skala beach and around 6 km from Limenas ferry port. It is easily accessible as it is located just near the main road. 

Here there also is a beach bar, which is slightly smaller than La Skala. Like on La Skala beach, here the visitors are allowed to use the chaise-lounges and umbrellas free of charge if they buy food and drinks at the bar. Here you can also find cabins where you can change into a bathing suit if you are coming directly from the ferry port. 

The beach is surrounded by rocks and the water is shoal in the beginning, but near the rocks it is deep enough for snorkeling. The water bed here is also covered in pebbles, rounded to perfection by the soft touch of the sea. 

This beach does not get as crowded as La Skala, and there is a sufficient number of parking spaces around the road. Moreover, you can park near the pine trees on the side of the beach. 

”Pachis” Beach 

This beach has a lot in common with the previously mentioned two. Still, it has its own charming aura, which makes it a nice place to spend time in nature, under the hot Greek sun. 

It is located 10 km from the ferry port in Limenas and 8 km from Skala Prinos and Sentimento. As opposed to the Glikadi beach, here you can easily find restaurants and taverns in a close distance, as well as small stores.

 Like on the La Skala Beach and on Glikadi beach, you can use the umbrellas on the beach in return for consumption at the beach bar. 

The sea is shoal and allows children to play along the whole length of the beach. It also is rarely agitated – there are no waves, the waters are crystal clear. The forest that surrounds the beach creates a feeling of cosiness and safety.  

Thassos island undoubtedly has a lot to offer, and not only when it comes to beaches! But we decided to start with those three, because they are among the most popular ones. All three of them are crowded and busy during the peak season, a perfect place to socialize and even party on (like La Skala). 

We hope to have inspired you to come and see them for yourself! This was just a small part of the things we want to show you on Thassos island and in the Skala Prinos area. We have prepared much more, but first, we want to ask you – what type of content would you like to see on our blog? Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we will make sure to provide useful information about what is most important for you. Stay tuned!