Discover the story behind Sentimento: How it all began

How it all began

Welcome! We are happy to present to you our new hotel lounge at Sentimento. Although it is just a virtual one, we want to make sure that the experience is a great one! Even if you are not currently anywhere near Thassos, Skala Prinos or hotel Sentimento, in this new section you can find inspiration and new ideas for your next trip to Greece. So do not hesitate to enter the warm, sunny place that this blog is, and prepare to explore the many jewels that are to find here!

 What to expect here?

No matter whether you are familiar with Sentimento, have been there or have only heard about us, we are glad to see you here, reading these lines. This blog is our latest project and through it we hope to help you make the most of your holiday in Greece. Another one of the goals behind this new chapter is to give you more information on what you could see, experience and discover around Thassos, Skala Prinos, and of course Sentimento.  

As this is a family-run business, our goal is to make every guest of ours feel welcome and cared for, feel at home. This is why we decided to make the first blog post about Sentimento and its story. Although the main idea behind this new section of our website is to inform and inspire you, first we would like to tell you more about how Sentimento came into existence. By sharing some “backstage” details we hope to make you feel like part of our family!

 The story: the beginning

The initial idea came a few years ago, after we had spent a few summer holidays on Thassos. We fell in love with the island and decided to find a way to spend more time here. We wanted to be able to share our fascination with it with others, so we started looking for a piece of land to buy. After numerous visits around the island, we found our place. Our intuition led us to it and helped us make a final decision and put in an offer. That place turned out to be just a few hundred meters from the hotel that we stayed in on our very first holiday on Thassos. As if it was meant to be!

The story: The process

We already had our dream place, but that was just the first step. Throughout the process there were bumps on the road. Other people were also interested in the same parcel, but we believed in our connection with the place and that it was meant for us. Of course, we knew that this was just the beginning. After we obtained the land in 2016, we presented a project and had to wait for a year and a half for a construction permit. In 2018 we chose the construction company which would turn our plan into a reality. The first sod was turned in October that year.

During those 7-8 months where the construction took place, we made sure to not lose touch with the way things were developing. Everything was going according to plan and when it came to choosing interior designs, furniture, decorations, a lot of care and love were put in the project. This family hotel was meant to become a home away from home for our guests and we wanted to make sure they see the meticulousness in even the smallest things.

We set a goal with an end date and we managed to carry out everything according to plan. As a result, the family hotel Sentimento was open in June 2019 to welcome our first guests.

This story is an ordinary one, but, like every story, it has a lesson. There are no coincidences, some things are meant to happen. But being meant to be is just the basis. Every idea, even the simplest one, can turn into something great, as long as we set a goal, divide it into small steps and take actions to accomplish every small step. This is how dreams come true, even if the chance is one in a billion!